Solid Mulchers for Orchards and Sod Farms

The Culti-Mulch Solid Mulcher was originally developed for mulching on the flat for use in the sod industry. It does an outstanding job of leaving a smooth, firm seedbed resulting in an improved germination and better root penetration of all grasses, plus allowing for easier harvesting of the sod. The Solid Mulcher is also ideal for cleaning up weeds and smoothing out wheel ruts in orchards and vineyards. Whether you need a smooth floor for harvesting, need to incorporate clippings, or need to break up a hard floor to increase water penetration, this machine will do the job.

Solid Mulchers: Extra heavy duty solid rotor mulcher for mulching on the flat to a depth of 5". They include a heavy duty 5" pipe rotor, 3" x 6" chrome-faced teeth, UHMW plastic lined hood, 20" rear roller with scraper and gauge wheels for depth control.

Model # Width Suggested HP Weight Appx.
SM96 8 ft. 75-150 2925
SM108 9 ft. 75-150 3000
SM120 10 ft. 90-150 3075
SM132 11 ft. 90-150 3150
SM144 12 ft. 90-150 3225
SM156 13 ft. 125-150 3300
SM168 14 ft. 125-150 3375
SM180 15 ft. 125-150 3450

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Other sizes available on request.

Available Options:

Solid Plate